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Hi, I am currently stuck between offers from Chelsea for Textiles, Bath Spa for Contemporary Arts Practice and UWE Bristol for Drawing and Applied Arts. So I am very much between different art and design disciplines, but have only really found design in the past 9 months on my foundation course. I am atm doing Fashion on foundation but sort of specialising within that in Textiles/art. I was so torn for months on end between Fine Art and Fashion on foundation but decided to stay in Fashion because I didn't want to give up on it for an area instead which might have gotten me lost with no direction.
For my degree I applied to a broad range of subjects, but have not totally abandoned textiles, because it something I have been confused about tying myself to simply because I approach it in a way that does not necessarily fit in with textile design. Or maybe it does I don't know. I basically have wanted to try everything, but I also really want to find something that I can be sure and passionate about, because becoming a print designer or interior designer or woven/fashion..etc.. are not things I am currently aspiring towards.
I am interested in design and would not like to leave it behind after studying fashion. It is the making and drawing and materials of things that I am interested in, and the outcome can be anything for me. Sometimes it could be considered a designed product and sometimes just a piece of art. Even though I do not want to go into Fashion design, I have always liked the sound of costume making and being within production and the making of props, garments, etc.

Because of all this, I am currently freaking out about choosing a university out of my choices. I want to keep going and not take a year out, but I do not want to waste my degree. I am so scared of tying myself to one of these areas and closing doors for something else. For example if I did textiles at chelsea can I be a textiles artist? Can I work in costume making or production?

The choice of Bath Spa offers multiple area modules for me to take. I can for example choose to study mixed media textiles, 3d, 2d and if I want to, I can specialise but I don't have to.


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