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Corporations seem to have the power instead of the politicians (and the people politicians are making the decisions on behalf of).

The IPCC recently released a climate change report which reinforced a well known fact in the science community for a very long time, which is that climate change has been rapidly accelerated by human activity. It seems to be the corporations take the driving seat on what action is being done to slow it down (or even reverse it), and controls what information the media feeds the general population. One example of this is the fracking. There was a petition you could sign to prevent energy companies fracking under your land and our PM went behind our backs and changed the law to let them do it wherever the councils decide (and then money influences the councils decision).

I used the environment as an example of decisions because I think this is one of the subjects where the general population is definitely ignored/powerless regarding governmental decisions.

If all the parties are influenced by the same people, are we voting in vain for a chance of having true democracy? But the main question I want answered is, does what I say have any substance or am I a crazy conspiracist?

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