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(Original post by _ELiTeCaRR_)
got my 5th one on thursday! so far this has been one of the most challenging events in my life =/ - it's been a little toughy.....

i have been through many interviews, exams before and have an apt for them

the worst bit is waiting at the test centre for your test to commence, and hearing that you've failed..

guys im seriously considering consulting the examiner and telling him/her of my nervs and to pray to him/her not be so harsh because it's becoming a JOKE now, people are failing left right and centre and it's not FAIR

i tried thinking about all the people that are dieing in the world but it doesn't seem to work especially as you encroach the last 10 minutes of the lesson before the test.....
i have my first test tomorrow and i'm sooo scared. i haven't had a lesson for 2 weeks 'coz i've had tonsilitis and couldn't drive due to the medicine! eek! oh well, theres no shame in failing. i'd prefer to fail than pass and be an unsafe driver. pitty it's sooo bloody expensive though :cool:
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