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I'm doing a degree in History and its my first year. I do a lot of essays. This time I've got to make up my own essay question as well as write it.
I've chosen the topic of warfare in medicine.

I was thinking of doing about the first world war as this was a war that changed a lot of things and different to any before it.

The question I was thinking of doing..

'How far were experimental medicine during the First World War the largest contributor to medical development at this time? Discuss using relevant comparisons'

I would then do paragraphs on:

- Experimental Medicine (How in the pressure of war, surgeons would try different things etc)
- Industrialised Warfare (developments in scientific technology/chemicals etc)

I'm not sure on another paragraph.

I need one more paragraph to write about and also advice on whether the two paragraph topics I have are good.

Thanks a lot.
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You need to go and talk to to the relevant tutor about 'structure' and/or read this book - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Studying-His.../dp/1403987343

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