Will I make it through my exam or not?

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Basically i'm studying sociology A2 Beliefs, Stratification and Differentiation and Theory and methods i have run out of time to revise, i can't go to sleep at night just thinking about failing my exam and i need some advice as this is a very important exam as it will determine whether or not i can go to uni :O

So these are my following units and how many topics they have in total:

Paper 1= 60 marks

Beliefs: 8 topics (60 marks paper)

Paper 2= 90 marks

Stratification and Differentiation: 9 topics= (21 mark, 21 mark questions)
Theory and Methods: 10 topics (theory=33 marks question AND Methods=15 mark question)

So, holidays are over i don't have study leave and i have other subjects to focus on ... i only have 2 exams to sit for sociology that's all

For beliefs i have only made notes on 3 topics out of 8

For stratification and differentiation i have only made notes on 2 topics out of 9

For theory and methods i haven't made any notes on the 10 topics

How do i catch up on all this stuff so stressed out. Is it a good idea to wake up every morning and make notes on them before school starts and work during school time and after school? Once i've made all my notes i will be saved and could possibly pass this exam does all this seem unreal is it possible for me to revise all this in time?????????????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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