Help with confidence interval and interpreting data!

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Someone please please help me make sense of these stats! I really need help with interpreting outcome of studies! How do i calculate CIs (no need to know actual calculation as can use calculator) and make sense of outcome... Any help would make me forever grateful!

Pre- and post-intervention values (standard error).
Intervention n=235
Mean (SD) Pre-test 6.66 (0.15)
Mean (SD) Post-test 5.74 (0.17)
P value* <0.0001

Waiting room control n=96
Mean (SD) Pre 6.31 (0.26)
Mean (SD) Post 6.39 (0.27)
P value* <0.516

*Significance of pre- to post-intervention change.

STUDY 2 n=59
Pre- and post-intervention values (standard error).
Mean (SD) Pre-test 3.15 (2.8)
Mean (SD) Post-test 2.47 (2.6)

Difference -0.69
t -3.30
p 0.001

Significance set at <0.05.

Experiment wide alpha was set at p< 0.05 such that each test had to reach a level of p <0.004 (0.05/13) to be considered statistically significant.; one-tailed. One-tailed tests were used for hypothesis testing.

I am looking at the overall success of the intervention and have to use just these two papers to discuss the intervention itself. I need to discuss the p values which I understand, but also the CIs! I need to make sense of both CIs and what this means to the actual intervention… Hope this makes sense!
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You can just get a caculator online to work it out for you.

Confidence Interval Calculator:

STUDY 1. - Intervention
Pre-test 95% CI : 6.64-6.68
Post-test 95% CI : 5.72-5.76

The results are significant (p<0.05). This is also shown by the fact there is no overlap in the 95% confidence interval.

STUDY 1: Waiting Room
Pre-test 95% CI: 6.26-6.36
Post-test 95% CI: 6.34-6.44

The results are not significant (p>0.05). This is shown by the fact there is overlap in the 95% confidence interval.


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