Any videos on conservatism, fascism and socialism?

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I was wondering if anyone has any good videos on conservatism, fascism and socialsim (in that order of importance). I'm looking for something that may be someone talking about these topics in general and giving information that may not necessarily be included in textbooks (i.e. maybe opinions on certain facets of the ideologies, or uncommon knowledge etc.) As an example of what I'm on about, watching Christopher Hitchens talk about fascism was enlightening because he spoke about the Catholic Church's involvement in 20th century fascism, and whilst I would never dare to argue as he does in an exam that fascism could be replaced with "the Catholic far-right", it gave me a useful perspective and plenty of facts that I could incorporate.

I'm not looking simply for people's revision guides, more-so lecturers, intellectuals, experts etc. that might have different takes on these ideologies or provide me with some varied information to spice up my essays.

I'm asking for videos rather than books because I've really got enough to be reading in terms of my revision books etc. and would just like something to sit back and relax to whilst making a few notes.

Anything that relates these ideologies to contemporary UK politics would be useful too.

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Hi there,

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