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After completing MA in Accounting from Huddersfield via distance learning I will only be able to apply for accountancy teaching jobs. So, in order to broaden my skill set I am also thinking of pursuing MSc in Finance via distance learning so that I can teach finance as well. Currently in my home country a Master degree is required to be a lecturer in a university.

Huddesrfield's MA will start from Sept. 2014 so I will start MSc Finance from May/June 2014. I will hopefully be able to complete Huddesrfield's MA in April 2015 while MSc Finance will be completed in early 2016.

Then hopefully while being employed as a lecturer in a university I will find suitable persons in that university to help me with a research proposal to be submitted as part of PhD application in a UK university.

Till now I have found a few MSc Finance courses,all take about 2 years, that suit my requirement to study via distance learning:

  • MSc Financial Management from Heriot-Watt university. I have to sit for 6 exams only with 3 papers being exempted due to ACCA and there is no dissertation in this degree.

  • MSc Finance from University of Leicester. Consists of 9 modules of which 5 modules are to completed through assignments and 4 through exams. This however does require a dissertation.

  • MSc Finance and Financial Law from Centre for Financial and Management Studies at SOAS, University of London or

MSc International Business (Electives:Finance related) Royal Holloway, University of London. Both are part of University of London International programmes. Both involve a dissertation and about 9 exams.

Which one is good?

I will be very grateful if someone can advice on which factors to look for when selecting, like should I look for a degree which offers the most exemptions and from a highly ranked university or should I look look for a degree with a dissertation which will mean I will have two Masters (Huddersfield Master and Finance Master) involving a dissertation, in this case I am assuming university hires or prefers those lecturers who have dissertation degrees.

Kind regards

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