BA Economics at Exeter vs BSc Economics and Finance at Bristol

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Hi guys,

I have a dilemma at the moment, with like 1 week until the 7th May deadline I still haven't responded to my offers (I have all 5)

Predicted: AAA

Firstly, I am pretty much certain on putting Southampton at AAB as my insurance choice, however I am still torn between Bristol BSc Economics and Finance vs Exeter BA Economics!

Both offers are at AAA, but Bristol also ask for AA in C3/C4 Maths. It is also worth mentioning that I believe Exeter are more likely to drop to an AAB offer if I screw up, but obviously this is still unlikely. Overall, it is easier to get in to Exeter.

Could anyone shed on any light on the courses I have mentioned and perhaps give me some advice with regards to job prospects, prestige of these two unis/courses..etc..anything to help me decide?!

I have spent the last two months or so weighing up the pros and cons of each but I am so indecisive!

I understand Bristol is the more 'prestigious' university and a BSc degree there (albeit Economics and Finance rather than straight Economics) will probably offer better job prospects. Despite this, Exeter compares favourably league-table wise if not better and I prefer the campus-feel, accommodation and the facilities (sport I.e tennis is much better for example) but not the city itself if that make sense!

Nightlife in Bristol is also undoubtedly better but this isn't that important for me but it is a plus!

It is also worth noting that Exeter has improved rapidly in terms of rankings recently and is definitely a uni on the up!

Thanks in Advance!

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