Feel sick when I drink (even when not drunk)

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I’m experiencing this exact same situation, although it’s never been this way for me before. For a few years I drank entirely too much, and more importantly, too frequently. In an effort to improve my health I decided to give up the drink for a spell and live a clean life. No substances of any kind went into my body that weren’t food(natural, not processed) for 6 months. No caffeine, no energy drinks, nothing. On the anniversary of my fathers passing, I elected to partake in shots of tequila, one of my favorite spirits, in remembrance of him. When I did so, I noticed a few interesting things. First and foremost, I felt ill almost as soon as the liquor touched my lips. This wasn’t super cheap alcohol either, it was Patron, and a special release of Patron. So needless to say, it wasn’t that I was drinking rubbing alcohol or the like. I also found that I was unable to feel intoxicated. Since I am persistent and stubborn, I forced myself to drink 7 shots over a couple of hours as I thought it was just my body not being used to alcohol and I figured once I was a little tipsy the feeling would go away. No luck. I continued to feel sick, and got a headache even before I could have possibly been hung over. Again, I couldn’t even begin to feel intoxicated either. This puzzled me, but as I have found my new abstinence so satisfying I really didn’t think anything of it. Recently, I decided to have a few drinks with family on thanksgiving. This time it was Chopin Vodka. I was well hydrated, as I was before with the tequila, and I still felt ill almost as soon as the alcohol touched my lips and was unable to feel intoxicated with this venture as well. Both times I was extremely hung over, even though I really didn’t drink enough to give myself a hangover as compared to my previous experience. I have been curious what the cause of this might have been. I am not too concerned about not being able to drink(although I would like to if possible... I’m still young and have plenty of friends who drink and it would be nice to party with them from time to time), but I am beginning to wonder if this is my body telling me that something may be wrong that might require medical attention. I’ve gone without alcohol before for extended periods of time(9 months in the Middle East with no alcohol) and didn’t have a similar reaction. This only exacerbates my concern. If anyone with insight could possibly point me towards and answer, or where one could be found, then that would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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This happened to me! I woke up after 3 drinks, hours before, with a horrible headache, sweating, shaking, and I vomited A LOT!
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Some people are allergic to alcohol, maybe get it checked out.

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