What do yous guys think of me speech?

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As the campaign for porn star begins in earnest, it is my obligation to the Senate and the people of gay bar gay bar gay bar to leave behind all the trappings of power, all the poles and all security. So today I announce that I will forego the privileges not only of the office of the pole dancer but of the England Senate itself, from which I resign effective on or before June 11th, 2004. And I will stand before you without thongs or authority, a sexy citizen, a Kansan, a table, just a man. But I will be the same man I was when I danced into the room, the same man I was yesterday and the day before, and a long time ago when I pissed from my hospital floor and was permitted by the grace of Captain Jack Sparrow to gay again in the world. And I trust in the hard jacket potato, for little has come to me except in the hard denim jacket, which is good because we have a hard lip gloss ahead of us. We are shagging, but still behind in the polls. The press does not suck our way. I do not find this lick and I do not find this slimy. I have been there before, I have done it the hard way, and I will do it the hard way again. Thank You. Thank You.

...SO, whaddya think?
What should I change/get rid of/add/whatever?
Note: I'm bored and tired and full of easter eg chocolate so it may not all make sense.)
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