Am I mentally ill?

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I have flash backs about thing's that have hurt me. When these thoughts happen my thoughts become too "loud" to be around other noises.

I am 21 years old, and I have also started bed wetting due to anxiety).

I work in a highly stressful job (psychiatric hospital) where I am bullied by staff.

I do NOT have PTSD or Mania.

Here are my mood charts:

What's wrong with me?
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You should never seek diagnosis outside a professional medical environment, especially when it concerns something as precarious as mental health. Since you work in a psychiatric hospital, there's little doubt that you should have access to these facilities in some form or another — I urge you to use them.

To be honest, flashbacks, anxiety and avoidance symptoms are classic signs of PTSD. Unless you've had this formally discounted by a health professional, you should not come to any dismissive conclusions. Another possibility at this stage is acute stress disorder — however, this is usually short-term and doesn't last for more than a few weeks. Again, the uncertainty of the situation is evident, so I implore you to seek a professional opinion ASAP.

I'm inclined to stress that I am not, in any form or manner, a qualified medical professional; all I have given you is my own opinion and nothing more. The same can and should be said for the majority of posts you may receive on this forum.

Whatever your decisions henceforth, good luck and take care.
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Quite a strong trend I see is that your best days are those which have some exercise. This isn't really a surprise, as exercise is linked to mood elevation via endorphins. If you are capable of some amount of exercise, even a 30 minute, slightly above comfortable pace walk, do it every day.

Edit: To clarify, the above post couldn't be more important. No one on here is qualified to look at your case properly. My suggestion is very general, supported by the charts, and low risk, but only my humble opinion.

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