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Basically my teacher is really crap so I'm stuck on the following:

Explain why no electrical activity can be detected between the end of the P wave and the beginnning of the QRS complex.

How would you expect the pressure in the right ventricle to differ from that in the left ventricle. Explain what causes the difference in pressure.

Figure 6.25 is the attachment, it shows the relative thickness of parts of the walls of two blood vessels, A and B. One of those blood vessels was an artery, the other a vein.

Explain why the thickness of the endotherlium is the same for both blood vessels.

Thanks in advance, I know I'm asking a lot
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The pressure in the left ventricle should be higher as it needs to pump blood all around the body. It also has a thicker muscle so should exert more force.

The right ventricle only pumps blood to the lungs and as the lungs cannot stand such a higher pressure the right does not need to exert so much.
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I would of thought the endothelium lining would be constant for both vessels because endothelium linings are just a single layer of cells?
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