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After looking at some of the predicted essay questions, they look pretty hard, so i'd appreciate some help with a brief plan for each!

Question 1
a. Explain what is meant by "moral relativism".
b. "Relativism is the best approach to issues surrounding genetic engineering". Discuss.
Question 2
a. Explain the main principles of Natural Law approach to ethics.
b. "Natural law is the best approach to issues surrounding the right to a child (or issues surrounding abortion)". Discuss.
Question 3
a. Explain how the concepts of sanctity of life and quality of life apply to issues surrounding abortion.
b. "Only utilitarian ethics satisfactorily accounts for quality of life issues". Discuss.
Question 4
a. Explain how a Religion of your choice approaches issues surrounding going to War.
b. "A Just War is impossible". Discuss.
Question 5
a. Explain what is meant by "deontological ethics".
b. "Deontological ethics is inflexible". Discuss.
Question 6
a. Explain the main differences between a teleological and deontological approach to ethics.
b. "Teleological ethics is of more practical use than deontological ethics" Discuss.
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