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could someone please look at this essay that i have started and suggest ways of improvements thanks in advance

January 2010
To what extent did the Weimar Republic in the 1920’s overcome the problem it faced?
During the 1920’s the Weimar Republic had faced many problems such as the treaty of Versailles, threats from extremist parties, , hyperinflation, Weimar constitution and the invasion of the Ruhr. However there were some aspects that they were able to overcome which included the effect Stresemann had on the Weimar Republic. I think in overall the Weimar Republic where not able to over come it’s problems in the 1920’s, which it faced.
The Weimar Republic faced continuous threats from extreme parties. Examples of this were the Red Rising in the Ruhr in the 1920, the Kapp Putsch in 1920 and the Munich Putsch in 1923. The Weimar republic was unable to deal with these constant threats from extremists this is shown as the Weimar Republic had to flee twice from the city when it was under threat. It could be argued that Ebert had the support from the people in Berlin however I do not believe this was the case as I think they simply wanted peace due to the Spartacist Uprising in 1919. It was only due to the actual extremist parties weaknesses that the Weimar Republic was able to overcome the problems. This was displayed during the Kapp Putsch where Kapp only had the support of Ludendorff and not the other senior army leaders.
A major problem that was faced by the Weimar government was the Invasion of the Ruhr in 1923. I think this was the biggest problem that the Weimar republic had faced; the reason being it had lead to other problems, which affected Germany. The invasion of the Ruhr was due to Germany failing to pay reparations. French and Belgian troops marched into the Ruhr and beat up workers over 150,000 workers were thrown out of their homes and factories and industrial production was put to a halt.

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