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I have to admit this whole application process is really confusing. I would like to ask some questions to get it sorted:
First of all as an EU student I had to fill the application and send it by post. So there was a chapture where an official had to confirm my identity by filling a form which had to be signed and stamped. Ok seemed fair so I went to a Notary and got my photocopy of my passport which was signed and stamped by them. BUT Notary did not stamp or sign the form given in the application forms because she said "it goes against their rules". So I thought ok, this photocopy is officially signed and stamped and it has the required information so I just hoped it would be good enough.
As you can imagine it wasn't so I got a letter from SFE stating the obvious: A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document ... which has to be stamped, signed and dated ... The person certifying must state their job title, and provide their name, address and telephone number.
Well to be honest the photocopy had all the required things so what should be the problem? So there lays my confusion: does the person have to require all the PERSONAL information about them (stated phone number and address should be their personal ones not the work place)? How come Notary is not official enough?
So now I am thinking alright. I am going to try again and get the form signed by my lecturer... but now I am facing another problem. Where in the world should she get a stamp? Our lecturers don't own or use their personal stamps so if she fills the form can she ask the Uni to do it (stamp won't state her name just the place she is working). So what should I do? Should I give it a try?

If you want to advise me to send in an original document then sorry, can't do as I only have my passport.

Then four days later (today) I received a letter from SFS thanking for providing the information in relation to an application for student finance etc. and that soon I will receive a seperate letter containing two passwords (I assume for the online account to check how things are going?).
And ofcourse once again I am really confused as the first letter said they are unable to process my application as they don't accept my documentation and now four days later I get the impression like something IS being processed?

And also why is one of those letters from Student Finance England and another one from Student Finance Services? What am I missing here?

Thank you so much whoever is willing to help me.
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there,

While we have created an account for your student finance application, we are unable to continue processing your application until we have received the required ID evidence.

If the lecturer certifying your ID evidence uses their university stamp to verify your evidence, we will be able to accept this.

We can assure you that Student Finance England and Student Finance Services are part of the same organisation, so please keep any letters received from both of them for your records.


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