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Hi, i've just taken the F325 June 2013 paper as my mock today and it clearly highlighted my lack of understanding in the areas of ligands and the reactions of transition metal ions etc.

The last question (about nickel) and the question about reactions of iron were really challenging!

I have no problem in understanding the ligand substitution reactions that are required in the spec, however applying that knowledge to unfamiliar situations is something that I find very difficult for this topic.

Can anyone suggest how they prepared/are preparing for this area of the exam? I really want to gain a better understanding on this subject but my usual methods of revision (looking at chemguide, past papers, reading the text book etc) are not preparing me for the questions!

Thank you!
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The last question wasn't really about Ni chemistry, specifically it wasn't really a question about transition metal chemistry (apart from two marks).

The last questions on F325 are typically horrible, stretch and challenge questions. Don't panic, you'll be in the same boat as everyone. Just try to work through whatever they throw at you on the day.

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