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After looking at some of the predicted essay questions, they look pretty hard, so i'd appreciate some help with a brief plan for each!

Question 1
a. Explain what is meant by "moral relativism".
b. "Relativism is the best approach to issues surrounding genetic engineering". Discuss.
Question 2
a. Explain the main principles of Natural Law approach to ethics.
b. "Natural law is the best approach to issues surrounding the right to a child (or issues surrounding abortion)". Discuss.
Question 3
a. Explain how the concepts of sanctity of life and quality of life apply to issues surrounding abortion.
b. "Only utilitarian ethics satisfactorily accounts for quality of life issues". Discuss.
Question 4
a. Explain how a Religion of your choice approaches issues surrounding going to War.
b. "A Just War is impossible". Discuss.
Question 5
a. Explain what is meant by "deontological ethics".
b. "Deontological ethics is inflexible". Discuss.
Question 6
a. Explain the main differences between a teleological and deontological approach to ethics.
b. "Teleological ethics is of more practical use than deontological ethics" Discuss.
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Just go through a textbook, write up some points, quotes and thinkers, adapt it to the question and there's your plan. Always try to link to the question regularly and try to learn some different viewpoints for any part B questions.

I don't recommend you ask people to write up a plan for you, since it would be spoon-feeding you the answers, which may not even be correct. Remember you are taking this exam to demonstrate what you have learnt this year, not what someone else has. Likewise, the questions are predictions so I'd be cautious if I were you, especially with the part B questions. Just tick off topics you're confident on and then work on your weaknesses, ask around on the forum or your teacher if you are not sure on a topic in general.

Good luck in the upcoming exam.

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