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Well basically I'm coming to the end year 10 where I will be completing three early GCSE's. Obviously, this will result in me having space on my school timetable. One of the options is to fill it with an AS level in year 11 and the one I would wish to pursue would be Psychology. I personally think the subject interests me but it wouldn't be a choice of mine in year 12 (as a result this would be my only opportunity to try the subject.)
My question is how have psychology students found the subject and how heavy do you find the workload? Also could you give me a small insight into what the course covers?

Of course I would be having the exam at the same time as my GCSE's but I would have 6 free periods a fortnight. Additionally, I'm predicted A*s in Science, Maths so hopefully the theory wouldn't be beyond my capabilities.

The only other option in year 11 for me is to take 3 enrichment courses which don't provide any qualification and out of the three courses none are too interesting. However, the workload would be significantly smaller.

Finally, in year 12 I would have the opportunity to complete the A level.

So what would you recommend that I do?
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I did AQA psychology, so this info is relevant to that course mainly.

The AS isn't particularly trying if you're good at memorising information and applying it in a rather basic sense. The longest essays are 12 markers, so you should be okay if you can write a page and a half or so in fifteen minutes.
Content includes the basics of psychology like classical/operant conditioning, the cognitive approach (think following an algorithm) and biological stuff. You don't need any advanced biology knowledge, just the ability to memorise a couple of processes.
I can't recall every topic, but the ones I remember are: stress, research methods (prepare to be bored by this), conformity and social change, memory, childhood development. It's pretty interesting for the most part, if you're getting A*s you should be fine. Can get a bit boring to memorise every study though. It's not too difficult to get a high grade in the AS.

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