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I just wanted some advice really, I share a house with 5 other people and the untidiness is really getting to me and seems to be causing arguments between us all, it mainly ends up me being the bad one out of the group.

I stopped out for 3 nights this week, so I wasn't home and when I came back there was rubbish overflowing in the kitchen, dirty dishes that had been left for days, beer cans EVERYWHERE (even on the stairs), dirty clothes all over the landing, **** stains in the toilet and it makes me sick!

Normally me and my housemates get on quite well, they're like my little family since I'm away from home but I can't stand the dirtiness anymore or the arguing, I feel like their Mother, I have to literally shout at them to make them tidy up their mess or it would stay that way for weeks!

I have sat down with them and talked to them, I have made a rota for cleaning duties with them, I have argued with them and nothing works.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a clean freak but when I come home to stuff like this it drives me mad!!!

Moving out isn't an option, how do I get them to see how disgusting they are?
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if you've talked to them (and tried to compromise rather then force your cleaning rota onto them) then there probably isn't anything you CAN do

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