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AQA English Lit B- Aspects of narrative TIPS watch

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to exactly answer the exam questions in part A and part B and what to include. Any tips are appreciated!! The texts I'm studying are the great Gatsby (section A) The road, Auden, Frost (section B) Please HELP!!!

    Hey I'm struggling to understand the expectations for the paper as well but I'll share with you what I know anyway, I've managed to get decent grades so far but nothing more than a low B! I'm doing Gatsby for section A and for section B Tennyson, Browning and The Kite Runner. I hope you find these somewhat useful anyway..

    For the first part of section A my teachers have predicted for chapter 6 to come up as it has never been on the paper before but we can never be too sure because they thought it would be chapter 6 last year but it wasn't. It also might not come up because the exam board have made it quite obvious that it could be chapter 6 so they might invert our expectations (I hear AQA are known for this). However it could be chapter 6 because they've only got 2 more chances to put it on the paper before the syllabus changes so it's 50/50 really. I'd have a really good 'how is the story told' essay for chapter 6 up my sleeve but also prepare for other chapters.

    Basically what you have to do for this question is write about how Fitzgerald uses setting/structure/voice/time/chronology/imagery to tell the story. You don't HAVE to write about all of those, only if they apply to the chapter. For example in chapter 6, Fitzgerald opens it with Nick describing how a reporter shows up at Gatsby's doorstep in vain one morning to try get information out of him because he had heard rumours. Then Fitzgerald uses Nick to talk about Gatsby's past with Dan Cody and how it made him the man he is today - this information was told to Nick by Gatsby "very much later". You can get quite a lot out of this First of all, Fitzgerald uses free indirect discourse to tell the story of Gatsby's past - Nick was not there when Gatsby met Dan Cody so Nick is talking as if he were Gatsby, but it is still Nick narrating it. This makes Nick a biased narrator because Gatsby had told him about his past "very much later" but he chose to include it at this part of the novel (right after a reporter turns up because of rumours" to clear up all the rumours about Gatsby and firmly state the truth about him. You can talk about the significance of voice and structure here because Fitzgerald uses structure to highlight the distinct difference in Gatsby's life that went from rags to riches and voice is significant because Nick is an unreliable/biased narrator - his narrative dominates the novel. Readers' perceptions of characters and ideas of the story are influenced by what he presents the reader so it reinforces the idea that Nick had purposefully disclosed that information about Gatsby's life to clear rumours about Gatsby and shed him in a positive light. With this, the reader is able to sympathize for Gatsby a little more because Gatsby's whole idea of reinventing himself was to get Daisy and because she didn't enjoy his party later on as much as he had hoped she would we are able to sympathise because Gatsby had earned his wealth (even though illegally) and his whole rise to wealth was driven by Daisy so his dreams did not meet his expectations.

    There's a lot more you can get out of this chapter but basically what you have to do is something like that.. I haven't mastered it or anything and I didn't actually understand what we've had to do until a week ago when my teacher went through a chapter 6 plan with me which is how I got to write the above example..

    I can't offer you as much for section B because we've got different texts but we've predicted for the significance of antagonists, contrasts, beginnings or openings to come up this year but it could be other things. Here are some tips that I hope will help you: don't compare between the 3 writers how they used antagonists but instead write 3 mini essays for each writer. You don't have to write equal amounts for each writer as long as you don't end up writing 1 paragraph for one text and like 4 paragraphs for the other 2 - make sure it's reasonable. I was given a model essay a couple of weeks ago for this but I believe it's on different texts too because it was an exemplar response from a past candidate. If you want I'll try and scan it and get it on here ASAP if you think it will be of any help to you..
    Good luck!!!

    I absolutely hate this exam!

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