Teaching bursary - will I have to repay if I don't look for a job? Watch

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Hello. I'm concerned I may have made a massive error.

I've just been reading this morning that before being made eligible for the teaching bursary, PGCE students must sign a form that says they will look for a job on completion of the course/award of QTS.

I am reaching the end of my course and have decided I definitely won't be searching for a job for September and am uncertain whether I ever want to teach (full time, at least) - for a number of reasons. I will be going abroad next year to learn another language - I teach French and have realised there are few jobs for single linguists.

I don't remember ever signing a form saying this (knowing I was intending to go abroad for a year afterwards before job hunting, I wouldn't have) but am now concerned at the prospect of having to repay £15,000...

Has anyone else experienced this/been in this position or known anyone who has been? And how can they be sure you're looking for jobs/check up on this?

Thank you!

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