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When asked to draw a line graph in National 5 Chemistry, after the plotting of the points, naming of axes etc should a line of best fit be drawn? Or are points connected?

The marking scheme in the specimen paper, for the line graph question - Q3 (b) (i) in Section 2 - does not mention anything to do with a line of best fit OR the points being connected but states that one mark is given for 'Both axes labels with units', one for 'Both scales', and one for 'Graph drawn accurately. Does this mean I don't need to draw a line of best fit or connect the points in order to achieve full marks? Or does it mean I will get full marks if I do either and meet the criteria specified for full marks?

Is a line of best fit drawn in Int 2 Chemistry in line graphs or are the points connected?

My (National 5) exam is 26 hours from the posting of this thread, so if anybody could help out I'd be very grateful
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Hi there,

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