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Students may include some of the following points:

Son of God is straightforward / it is in Mark 1:1 / what the Christians believed and what
Mark’s Gospel describes Jesus as / the Chief Priest asked him if he was Son of the
Blessed One at the trial and Jesus answered, ‘I am.’ / Psalm 2 may be referred to here by
some students / described as this at the baptism / transfiguration / immediately after
Jesus died / declared Son of God by demon possessed people / declaration of faith when
it is used / not just understood by Jewish people.

Other views
Son of Man could be just ‘a man’ / or it could have the messianic overtones from Daniel
and Enoch describes the service that Jesus did / he used it himself of himself / Peter
called Jesus the Christ / Messiah / this means ‘anointed one’ and could have been
misunderstood and confused Jesus’ hearers at the time because they were expecting a
kingly, warrior messiah who would overthrow the Romans and the corrupt Jewish
leadership / other titles that students may refer to from Mark are Lord of the Sabbath /
Teacher / Rabbi / King of the Jews / Son of David.

I thought 'other views' was mean't to counter the fact that song of god is not the best title. I am confused because all of what i read above is for the fact tht son of god is the best title

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