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A piece of Na metal is placed into a chamber which is evacuated. The chamber is then heated to 900 K. The solid Na melts and partially evaporates to produce a vapour consisting of Na atoms and dimers. You are asked to calculate the pressure of both species above the molten metal:

(i) If the boiling point of Na is 1156 K, and the heat of vaporisation is
96.1 kJ mol-1, use the van’t Hoff relation to calculate the vapour pressure
(in bar) of Na atoms at 900 K.

No idea how I could just the Van't Hoff eqn to do this, not sure if I have to express something as a quotient of activities or something.. Don't know how to go about doing it at all! Please please please somebody help

Thank you!
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Question 1 should be: Why would you do such a thing? Don't you have better things to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Sorry, I couldn't be more (any) help.

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