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Can anyone give me GOOD two model answers to this question please:

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the cognitive approach using one of the studies listed bellow:
-Man et al (lying)
-Loftus & Pickrell (false memories)
-Baron-Cohen et al (eyes test)
-Held and Hein (kitten carousel)

I always struggle on these questions and always seem so get from 6 to 8 marks out of 10. Would really appreciate if you guys put some effort and help me out
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I can't give you a model answer, but I can give you a good structure that is organised and easy to follow for every one of these questions.

Give a strength of the cognitive approach
(The cognitive approach is a highly reliable approach due to it's tendency to use laboratory experiments...)

LINK the strength to the STUDY.
(For example, Baron Cohen's research using the cognitive approach was carried out in laboratory settings, this controlled for extraneous variables, such as noise which would have.......)

Give a weakness of the cognitive approach

LINK the weakness to the STUDY.

Keep doing this. you cannot get full marks unless you contextualize your point. For example it isn't enough just to give a strength of the cognitive approach, you must say 'for example' immediately after, and link your point to your study.

Also because this question tells you to discuss, a really good thing to do is to give a strength, such as 'The cognitive approach is a highly reliable approach due to it's tendency to use laboratory experiments...' and after you have linked it to your chosen study, you then criticize this strength: 'however due to the cognitive approach's tendency to use laboratory experiments, this approach and it's research tends to have low levels of ecological validity. (and then you would link this weakness to your chosen study). I feel this is a great way to create a discussion as you are clearly arguing against points you are making.

I hope this was clear enough for you, and good luck IA x.

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