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Classical Civilisations A2 - Need help with answering 20/40 markers. watch

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    Hiya guys. A severe problem I have is that I just can't seem to be able to talk about points relevant to the question, I just go into specifics, and I can't develop any further than that.

    So here's a example of what I'm on about. The 40 marker I'm answering is "What do you think Romans during the reign of Augustus would have praised and criticized in Aeneas' behaviour in the Aeneid ? Explain views, etc.". I know of things that would be admired, such as his skills as a warrior and respect for the gods, and likewise for what would be criticized, slow dedication to the mission, and his apparent selfishness/self pity.

    And this is what happens. I start on his skills as a warrior. I start by talking about how Romans would praise his strength due to the Roman attitude that Rome is destined to rule the world, etc, and strength in war is important for this vision. Then I use examples, of Aeneas mauling the Latin army after Pallas' death, and his skills allow him to chase down and easily defeat their strongest warrior (presumably) Turnus. But then the flow stops. What can I can continue on ?

    A point of criticism would be his slow dedication to the mission. He started to settle in Carthage, however Jupiter's reminder through Mercury forces him to leave Dido, in order to fulfil fate and the will of the Gods. But again, I don't know how I can develop this point.

    Its irritating, as I can look at the answer of a fellow student and understand completely the argument they are making. I just can't develop my argument past the obvious. What can I do to help develop my answers ? I just feel that reading the book over and taking notes of events won't help, and that I'm missing something. I'm aware its a good idea to refer to the themes of the poem but not every point I make will have an underlying theme that can be looked at. I know that if I get past this blockade, I can do well in the exam. Any advice you can provide on getting me out of this dilemma would be fantastic.

    Hello! I'm studying the Aeneid too. Have you looked at the markscheme on the AQA website? One way that you can develop the points you make is by talking about how Aeneas' behaviour reflects Augustus' behaviour. For example Aeneas becomes "pater" or father of the Trojans, and he is the "pater" of the Romans as he founded Rome. Similarly, Augustus was seen as the pater of the roman people. Aeneas is basically a model for Augustus and it's key that you include this in your argument. Also, it may help if you compare Aeneas to homeric heroes such as Achilles. I think you may have noticed that Virgil is interacting with the Iliad, and as the Romans would have read the Iliad and admired Achilles as a hero, the fact that Aeneas demonstrates great skills as a warrior reflects Achilles skills as a warrior, and thus he'd be admired by the audience.
    Hope you get the drift!
    Oh and for the Dido point, Aeneas is acting in a similar way to Anthony who was distracted by Cleopatra. The Romans did not respect Anthony for this and therefore Aeneas would not be seen as heroic. However the fact that he actually left Dido, his love, in order to fulfill his duty to Ascanius (enabling Ascanius to eventually found Alba Longa) and for his future descendants, and because the gods commanded him to demonstrates that unlike Anthony, Aeneas is a hero who puts his public duty before his private feelings and is therefore pious.

    For a level classics, i think i might have to rest unit 4 (aeneid) but not unit 3 (greek tragedy) does anyone know if its possible to re do only one module after results day to boost my grade?

    or will i have to rest both units to get a higher grade?

    (Original post by PhoebeLizz)
    For a level classics, i think i might have to rest unit 4 (aeneid) but not unit 3 (greek tragedy) does anyone know if its possible to re do only one module after results day to boost my grade?

    or will i have to rest both units to get a higher grade?
    Yep you can resit one unit

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