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    Hey folks,

    I want to apply for various Msc Finance programs starting in 2015. I was thinking about Imperial, Warwick, Cass etc. Since I am not planning to do the GMAT, I was wondering if my profile was strong enough.

    -Currently I am an undergrad at the University of Frankfurt (Germany), studying economics/ finance & accounting
    -Grade average of 1.3 (German grade system)
    -Among the top 5% or something, i dont exactly know (member of the deans list)
    -2 internships in investment banking at a rather small, but international boutique

    So from your experiences, is there any chance for me getting into any of the programs at those universities WITHOUT a GMAT?
    I would greatly appreciate your opinion, thanks!

    Good selection. Compliments to your clear query with concise profile, exp and goals. This really sets you apart from the vague rubbish with 'I am confused, can you help?'. Cass recommends GMAT for MFin, without it you jeopardize your admission.

    ICL states: 'If your undergraduate degree is not in a highly mathematical discipline you will need to demonstrate your suitability with excellent results in your quantitative modules and ideally a strong GMAT or GRE result.' With relevant quant modules in econ & fin, it may be waived.

    Warwick: 'We do not require a GMAT or GRE score but a well-balanced score (700+) may strengthen your application.' I know applicants from UK unis who got admitted without GMAT at WBS.

    UK adcoms look at
    Academic grades: You have the required grades with a first class degree equivalent. If you are Stipendiat or win a prize, do mention it.
    Experience & motivation: You manage to support it with relevant internships, just make your goals clear in 'statement of purpose'. Make sure to explain why this specific MSc at this (!) uni. They like it if you are familiar with course content, visit uni or reach out to alumni. It shows commitment
    Recommendation: Just pick wisely two lecturers who actually know you well, I heard that class room culture at large German uni (Goethe) can be anonymous. Don't use 0815 LOR.
    Apply in early rounds, the odds are better. Imperial/Warwick are more competitive, Cass is relatively less selective. Try to speak to other current German students at target unis and pick their brains.

    Do you have funding secured? Most German students get tuition fee shock and struggle, better sort it out early.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you Tcannon for that great input, that helps a lot. Tuition fees won't be that much of a problem, I've got this covered.

    Of course you are right about Cass, but if I remember correctly, I can hand in my GMAT score later. However, Cass is not my first joice!

    At the moment, ICL is really my favourite. Regarding my quantitative background, I really nailed most my econ and quant modules such as macro/microeconomics, statistics, maths and i'll be attending moduls about derivatives, risk management and capital markets, which are quiet quantitative as well. I just don't really know what they consider "highly quantitative".
    I was a little worried about that major cut in intakes but I must say this new program "Finance & Accounting" seems really interesting and, correct me if I'm wrong, I feel like it might be a little easier to get in.

    I was just a little concerned about whether a missing GMAT would be a major weakness, but I will definitely apply to ICL and WBS.
    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate that.
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