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Hey, could anyone give me feedback on a practice paragraph I wrote in 15 minutes.

***Compare the methods the poets use to explore a character’s sense of identity in ‘Casehistory: Alison (head injury)’ (page 20) and in one other poem from Character and voice.

The poet in “Casehistory: Alison” and “Checking out me history” both present the characters losing a piece of their identity.
In Alison, the poet shows that the character has lost her sense of identity through the language used. She says she “would like to have known”, implying that she is forgetting a piece of information, which is her previous identity before her accident. This is supported by the fact that the poet uses words like “broken” to describe her. This suggests that her body might have been broken, causing her to become like this. However, it can be seen to have a deeper meaning, as it might imply that her identity is “broken” because she is not what she once was. This shows that the poet has used specific language to suggest to the reader to the reader that her sense of identity has been shattered, as like her body, who she once was has been “broken”. Similarly, the poet in “Checking out me history” also uses language to show that character has lost some parts of his identity. This is because the character says that “Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me”. The character is saying this because he feels that he has only been told what “dem”, implying a different race, has told him and not about his own culture and history. The word “dem” is significant as it shows that the character still retains some part of his identity through his dialect, which compared to Alison is similar as she retains some form of identity through her picture, which means that language has been used by the poet to explore how the character still his part of his identity but the rest of it has been concealed since he didn’t get to learn about it.
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eh yo, update on the answer plz. need a finished one innit.. sfe

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