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Footballers aren't overpaid

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Original post by datpiff
That's not a model I'd agree with. I'm talking about sharing the wealth more rather than throwing it at people at the higher sections of the chain

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How do we do that? If we pay footballers less it won't go to poor people, it'll stay in the hands of businessmen who are even richer than the footballers. If we tax them more then they move abroad.
Original post by datpiff
Most footballers are terrible role models IMO.

Here on TSR we are in no position to rip on gamers. We're online socialising just like they are.

I could argue that Ryu from Street Fighter is a good role model:
Ryu doesn't fight in the tournaments for revenge, money, fame or to satisfy some disturbing urge to brutalize people. He's just there because he loves fighting, improving his abilities and seeking out new, stronger fighters like you said. He tries his hardest not to succumb to the Satsui no Hadou within him, which would likely result in him killing other fighters. He has a good sense of honor that others can look up to and respect.

It was games like Street Fighter that inspired me to learn martial arts.

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I didnt mean it in a way to offend gamers or anything :no: I was more referring to the way my brother has dropped sport and a healthy lifestyle and returned to never talking to any of his family (including me) because of the hours on xbox and I would rather he was more sociable and healthy as he was inspired by footballers lifestyles :colondollar: I guess each to their own!

And yep I agree they arent the best role models but they have some admirable qualities- dedication, resilience, team work etc that I would rather have. And personally I find it easier to be inspired by a 'real life' role model than a character, but as I said before each to their own :redface:

And martial arts are really cool! Although Ive never had the courage nor opportunity to take part :frown:

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Original post by datpiff
We can do without footballers in society, but we can't have a society without teachers, social workers, youth workers, carers and nurses.

The difference is people are prepared to pay £20-50 on a football ticket a couple of times a season whereas everyone would complain if taxes rose to accomodate higher (possibly fairer) wages for teachers, doctors etc

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a lot of footballers are actually pretty good role models - the trouble is the ones that make the news headlines are the bad stories (ie john terry) and they should not be idolised (certainly not off the pitch anyway)
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hello my name is adnan
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Getting paid a large amount of money for kicking a ball while I have to use my brain and study. :/
Original post by Niyi Aderounmu
Getting paid a large amount of money for kicking a ball while I have to use my brain and study. :/

1000% true. :biggrin:
Football is crap alltogether who needs football when theres online football games, all while keeping your virginity intact.
think about the people dying while these men swagger around with their millions
I agree People that run around the pitch kicking a ball get paid £2,000,000 a week,on the footballers are getting a amazing amount for money for kicking a ball.This is disgraceful because while doctors do good work and save lives,footballers swagger around with their millions not giving a second thought to the worlds problems.
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Original post by NDGAARONDI
You're not charged through the roof to watch golf to help subsidise players' wages unlike football. For two or three matches you got yourself a decent starting bag of clubs you can use for the rest of your life. And many golf courses can be played on for a reasonable fee, even TPC Sawgrass does good offers as does St Andrews. That is why the film star argument falls, though Michael Owen did not mention this one. You pay £12 to watch a film or so. It costs £50 or so to watch a football match.

At least Phil Mickelson is a decent guy though.

The film star argument also falls down on the fact that many movies simply wouldn’t get made without the star as it’s just too risky.
Heck I will watch any old cr*p if Scarlett Johansson is in it but would I watch an unknown actress in many of her movies ,**** no.
But I’d still watch Premiership football if the wages were halved and many stars left because much of the excitement and drama would still be there of course.
It’s the great sport of football that sells ,not so much footballers .

Incidentally ,people who object to the wages of footballers aren’t all jealous .
I think it’s a great pity they get paid so much but that’s because of the psychological affect they must surely have on huge numbers of people around the world who work very long hours in unrewarding jobs.
The enjoyment footballers provide 100s of millions is in my view largely mitigated /offset by the bad feelings they engender in too many others.
Technically they aren’t overpaid but morally they obviously are.
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People like you are what's wrong with this country.

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