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advice please?

geez, on my new forum one of the admins deleted everything off the forums and i think they're a troll so i demodded them and warned them if i keep harassing me i'll ban them xD is that the right way to respond? what would you have done in my situation? i only have like 5 members so i'm not sure whether threatening to ban is a great idea xD

Also is there a way to retrieve all the deleted posts? either be a troll or an admin. you can't be both. (not you don't worry :P) I wasn't expecting this power trip.
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Having moderated on several large forums, if anybody abused their mod/admin powers like this they'd be stripped of those powers and, depending on how malicious their intentions were, probably perm ban them immediately. If it was accidental then they'd definitely have their powers restricted until they could demonstrate they can use the tools properly (although in my experience the people who are likely to break the forum shouldn't have been given admin powers in the first place), but anybody who deliberately cripples a site isn't the sort of person you want on the site at all.

Whether or not the content can be recovered is going to depend on what forum software you use, as well as things like the quantity of data removed, how far the admin went with deleting it, and the host/server are likely to be a factor too. VBulletin sites like TSR do have the capability to restore fairly significant chunks of deleted stuff, although whether that's because of inbuilt capability in the software or preparedness on the site owners' part I don't know. On the other hand when another big forum I use, based on a different platform, got attacked last year it lost massive amounts of posts to the point that a lot of its subforums had to start from scratch, and they eventually moved over to a different platform. See if there's a support forum for your platform online anywhere, otherwise contact their customer support.

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