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for the PSYA1 exam today

Credit is to jdxx for this.

Memory (2 MARKS MISSING, though not sure about the exact questions): /36
1a) what is meant by the capacity of memory (1 mark)
1b) what is meant by the duration of memory (1 mark)
2a i) what does the mean suggest about the encoding of information in memory? (2 marks)
2a ii) what does the standard deviation suggest about the results? (2 marks)
2b) write a non-directional hypothesis for this experiment (2 marks)
2c) what experimental design was used in this experiment? evaluate this (1 mark+3 marks)
2d) why might a random sampling technique be better than opportunity sampling? (2 marks)
3) describe the phonological loop and the visio-spatial sketchpad (4 marks)
4) how would you use memory improvement techniques to remember Bowlby's theory? (4 marks)
5) Outline and evaluate research into the accuracy of eye witness testimony (12 marks)

Attachment (all questions & marks complete): /36
6a) tick the appropriate box (1 mark)
6b) name a limitation of a correlation study (2 marks)
6bi) ethical issue with using an observation (2 marks)
6bii) methodological issue with using an observation (2 marks)
7a) what does the table show about the culture variations in attachment? (2 marks) (except for all countries having secure attachment as the most common type)
7b) draw a bar chart to show the insecure attachment types (3 marks)
7c) how is the behaviour of infants with insecure resistant attachment type different from a securely attached infant? (2 marks+2 marks)
8a) outline the learning theory of attachment (4 marks)
8b) outline one or more study which has criticised the learning theory of attachment (4 marks)
9) What are the effects of institutionalisation? (other than aggression) (4 marks)
10) what has research into daycare shown about the child's social relations (4 marks)
11) outline how research into attachment has influenced child-care practices. (4 marks)

updates on q3?

can anyone update on this?
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2a was about some sort of table (table was about mean average and standard deviation of correctly recalled words for list one- which was letters that sound the same and list two- letter that dont sound the same) and the question said something like "what does the table show about how the STM memory encodes items acoustically"
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then what was 3a?

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