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How did everyone do?

I think I did well, and mediocre on the 3rd question.

I did questions 1 and 2, 3 and 4.

I found that the AS book, or if not that then my notes of it didn't cover the WW1 economic problems in that much depth, so I spoke about:
1. WW1 = Uboats = blocking exports
2. Competition = cotton from India + USA and Coal from Germany and USA (which was an economic factor for 1923-29... but surely they must have started by the end of WW1)
3. Industrial disputes (1917 glasgow strike - not sure if this is real or not)

And I linked them for WW1 blocking exports meant that workers had to work harder, thus causing the internal disputes and also WW1 blocking exports meant that other countries saw an oppurtunity to take over Britain's staple industries.

For the first question I linked them via their theme of upsetting certain sections of society, i.e tariff reform upsetting middle/working class due to prices rising, 1902 Education act and 1904 Licensing Bill upsetting non-conformists and the Chinese labour issue upsetting trade unions and working-class workers due to the threat of the Chinese workers working in Britain for a lower wage.

How did you guys do and what difficulties did you encounter/what did you think you done well in?
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