Tips for French Translation!

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English into french. Any tips/tricks to watch out for?

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Watch out for false friends. These are the words that often have the same or very similar spelling in French as in English and therefore you're tricked into thinking they mean the same thing... they often don't! A couple of examples are: the English word 'sensible' and the French word 'sensible'... the French actually means sensitive. Similarly, the English word 'actually' could be thought to translate as 'actuellement' in French, when 'actuellement' really means currently or right now.

Also look out for translating directly from English to French. What I mean is, in French, a sentence can be structured in a different way to English. For example, if you wanted to say 'my best friend doesn't judge me', you would say 'mon/ma meilleur(e) ami(e) ne me juge pas'. Notice that in French, the reference to yourself is INSIDE the negative (ne... pas), before the verb (in this case 'juger' - to judge). This is different from English, where we put the self reference at the end of the sentence.

This is all I could think of for now, hope this helps!

EDIT: I just found a whole site basically dedicated to false friends here: which gives you a huge range of words to look out for.

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