How to I revise for literature??

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I'm doing AQA English literature and doing Withered Arm, Of Mice and Men, The Woman in Black and Much Ado About Nothing.

I think I'm alright with Shakespeare and OMAM as they give you the extracts but I really don't know how to answer TWINB and WA cause I have to look through all the book/stories and find the right quotes or words to analyse. Like, for example, how does Hill create a sense of horror in The Woman In Black, like how do I even find the things that show/create the sense of horror?? There's so many words and chapters. I know how to answer this question, as I already done in lesson, but obviously it's not going to come up again so it's pointless. The techniques and facts I learned for this question are not going to help for other questions. So how do I start? How do I find the right quotes/words so that they answer the question??

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Find lots of quotes throughout the texts that you know analysis for, these can be relevant to multiple themes and characters. Make sure you have thought of quotes for every theme and character so you know what to use or look for whatever comes up. I find things like the York Notes revision guides are really good for structuring your revision for literature oh and I'm on WJEC and it's a closed book exam so it's even harder as we don't even have the books to look through for relevant quotes if we can't think of any, count yourself lucky

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