Last minute Dissertation advice! PLEASE!

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And I don't usually beg till Fridays

J/k, actually im in no joking mood

I am currently writing up my dissertation and am having severe troubles. I have got to get it finished by next week. At the moment I have just finished writing my literature review. 6,500 words.

However in this literature review, I have also included ALL my secondary research. You see I am studying a report on the falling sales of CD Music and there are not many reports/journals produced on the subject, and those that are produced I cannot gain access too... expensive etc.

Anyway I have included all secondary research (album sales, internet availability, Company performance etc) in the actual Literature Review. I have actually made everything fit in very nicely, so it flows. If I take out the few bits which would make up the lit review (journal research), my work would be disjointed. My lit review would also be very small!

Please help! What do I do? Has anyone else placed their secondary research into their Lit Review?

Please offer advice. My tutor is in thailand and my friends are offering no helpful advice.

I know you read a thread sometimes and feel you cannot be bothered to respond, but if you can help, please do. I really felt like crying today and I haven't cried in years
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