Religious studies A- level 3A : Application of virtue ethics

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Hi guys ! Have my exam in a few weeks although I understand different thinkers of virtue ethics I am so stuck with a 30 mark question on how to apply it to an issue in detail such as voluntary euthanasia or sexual ethics. Would be great if anyone can help !
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I do it for unit 4C but basically you explain the theory by saying it is a hybrid theory because it has a deontological element which is the view that it follows the five primary precepts but the teleological element is that it is based on Aristotle function argument which means it focuses on achieving our prupose which is eudaimonia. This is your first paragraph.

The second paragraph would state that according to virtue ethics a person is good if they possess the virtues and are a virtuous person and a right actoion is one that allows you and your community to flourish to know what action to take.

The third paragraph is the application. So you say that the person needs the virtues specific to their practice. This is defined by MacIntyre as an arena where we develop the virtues. So for sexual ethics you would look at the three key virtues which are honesty, courage and justice and you would apply it to these three.

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