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I want to apply for the second year organic chemistry research assistantship program at my university and this is the question I need to answer in my application. Any advice on how to improve my answer would be greatly appreciated.

The human body is made up of many organic compounds, such as proteins, nucleic acids, fats and carbohydrates. These molecules interact with one another to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Drug discovery is concerned with the synthesis of molecules that can act to inhibit or enhance the effects of certain substances.

The discovery of new drugs requires knowledge of the biological processes in the body as well as the interaction between organic molecules. The selection of good drug targets and the subsequent synthesis of an effective drug requires in depth knowledge of the molecules involved and the effects they have on the body.

Organic chemistry is concerned with the study of organic molecules and the way these molecules interact. Since the human body is mainly composed of organic compounds, it follows that organic chemistry skills would be essential for the proper understanding of how the body works and synthesizing compounds that could alter processes in the body effectively.

In order to synthesize a new drug, the properties of the desired compound need to be ascertained and knowledge of how to achieve these properties is required. This information is provided by the study of the organic compounds that need to be altered or inhibited.

Thus it can be seen that organic chemistry is essential for the discovery of new drugs. The skills and knowledge provided by this field of chemistry are the guideline to be followed when choosing effective compounds to be used as drugs in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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