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Hello all,

I spent the last several months doing a lot of research on universities in the UK. I am interested in accounting and finance courses. I went through the application process on UCAS a few months back, and received 4 offers. All of a sudden, I found out that University of Liverpool’s programme had something superior to what I see in the 4 offers I have now. (I neglected to research on Liverpool before application). While it suggests that I should decline the 4 offers and apply to University of Liverpool through UCAS Extra, the case is not so simple (as it always is!).

The Liverpool course is superior in that it gives significantly more exemptions for futher studies. But this is the ONLY advantage I see so far. One thing that irks me is the ranking. Whether by faculty or as a whole, University of Liverpool is a good 15-25places below the 4 offers that I received. Now, I understand that rankings are not reliable and all, and University of Liverpool has a very strong and rich history. But, 20 places seems significant - enough for me to worry about the quality of the degree. Can someone allay my fear?

Next, because I have not done enough research yet, I really want to know what you guys think of Liverpool as a city and university. I consider non-academic aspects very carefully too.

In general, I am a sporty person, would like to do a bit of hiking and exploring (coming from outside the UK), more reserved (not so keen on nightlife scene), quite enjoy walking down shopping streets (window shopping), and would relish living in an “english environment” – to experience the English culture/way-of-life, etc – hence, I did not apply to any London Unis at all (and I do not mind a school that is not overloaded with international students). I come from a modern city, and hoping I can live in a place that is smaller, quieter, slower-paced. I appreciate the “art side” of life. And, I am quite into the British music scene – the indie groups. I also prefer a colder climate – the colder the better!

I hope some of you can tell me the good and bad sides of Liverpool as a city and general university life.The next UCAS deadline is nearing, and I am getting quite stressed. I thought I had 4 options, which I then narrowed to two; now, University of Liverpool pops in!
Also, I would like someone to compare Cardiff and Liverpool – Cardiff University and University of Liverpool.I am thinking of firming Cardiff.

From what I know so far, Cardiff’s accomodation fees are much more attractive (why so? City's cost of living?). But Liverpool seems to have more to offer as a city, and being much higher up geographically means a colder climate in general.

Thank you very much for the replies.


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