English Literature The Woman In Black Advice.

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I have my English lit exam tomorrow and our second books is The Woman In Black. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on answering questions about it as I seem to struggle with it quite a bit. I'm an A* student in English language and I get A's in the questions about OMAM, and even though I have a good understanding of the book I just can't seem to get higher than a grade B when doing practise questions.
Thank you!
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I think talking about subtle language techniques such as commas to build tension etc.
Also try and talk about (if the question allows) themes such as fear, religion, supernatural, childhood and revenge.
Mention how Susan Hill used juxtaposition to create contrast which builds tensions. Such as having children looking on at the funeral - children are associated with fresh life and innocence, funerals are associated with death and grief etc. Also how we associate the setting of the nursery with childhood, innocence and happiness juxtaposes the emotions Kipps is feeling at the time (fear).
There is also a lot of contrast in the chapter where Stella and their son die. Eg. the sunny, happy atmosphere turning horrid.
Another A* theme to look at is justice and how the reader is left thinking, did God punish the actions of Jennet Humfrye or did evil triumph. For TWIB is essentially a Christian book (Hill is christian) - Kipps journey from innocence to experience is like a religious journey. Also you could talk about how Kipps calls himself a Christian but right at the end of the novel find it impossible to forgive TWIB, forgiveness is crucial to Christians.
These are just some ideas, they may not necessarily be relevant to the question.

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