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Recently I've been looking at what Vet.med, dentistry and medicine is like throughout the world and the lives of doctors, dentists and Vets.
Here in the UK we call Physicians Dr. unless they are surgeons in which case they are Mr,Mrs etc. We call Dentists Mr,Mrs etc. since they are surgeons. Medicine, dentistry and Vet.med. in the UK go hand in hand in the UK in terms of admissions since they are pretty much identical(in terms of the admissions process/requirements). However, in the US dentists, vets, optometrists, pharmacists and more surprisingly chiropractors and podiatrists are also called Dr.
The reason why I was interested in this is that in the UK Medicine/Dentistry/Vet. is a 5 year course with all institutions asking for AAA (apart from a select few in medicine)(a lot of students doing 4 a levels and achieving much higher than AAA), require UKCAT/BMAT and are incredibly difficult to get onto at all institutions.
Pharmacy/Optom. a 4 and 3 year degree entry requirements vary from AAA and get lower depending on the institution.
Chiropracty and Podiatry however have BBB(and can get lower) entry requirements at a level(podiatry being a 3 year course).
Its interesting that in the US every one of these courses are given 'doctor of ...'.
Just something I thought I'd bring up
I just thought it was an interesting topic of discussion

BTW, i put this in the medicine section since they have the largest applicants out of vet.med.dent

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