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Does anyone know any good revision notes on the coast and rivers that would come up in the geography exam on Thursday?
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What I think you should study for:
Hydraulic action- Water forced into cracks, compressed air forces rocks apart.
Abrasion- Loose rocks (sediment) thrown at cliffs by the sea, wearing it away.
Solution- Rock material dissolved by weakly acidic sea water (especially chalk and limestone)
Attrition- Loose sediments knocked around into smaller and rounder particles.

Learn about:
Formation of cliffs
Formation of wave cut platforms
Formation of caves, arches and sea stacks
Formation of headland and bay
Different types of coastal management
- Gabions
-Sand dunes
-Rock armour
-Sea wall
How the coast is used:
-Recreational activities(swimming, surfing, sailing extr)
(You will also need to learn about conflict of interests, thiss mean what each type of person will want done to protect the coast. For example people who earn an income through tourism will want the beach to be protected so that it wont erode away and people will still come to visit it, this will ensure that the people using the coast as a source of income from tourism will not be affected by the process of erosion)
You will also have to learn your case studies.

The water cycle
You will need to know about the feature of a river:
Types of river erosion
Factors that may increase the rate of erosion:
-The volume of water (The more water the more erosion)
-The gradient(steepness of the river) The steeper it is, the more erosion
-The rock type
-Human factors

Transportation of sediment through river (learn all the different types, there are four)
Reasons why deposition happens
-A reduction in gradient
-A reduction in volume of water
-Adaptation of rivers by humans
Features of the upper course of a river:
-V- shaped valley

features of the lower course of the river:
-Ox bow lakes

Hyrdrograph- know how to interpret data from them.
Flooding management
Learn your case studies.

That's really all you have to know.. if there is some stuff you don't know or don't understand, search them up on Google or BBC bite size or take look in some revision books.
Coats and rivers aren't to difficult to learn about, if there is a question you don't understand or don't know how to answer always think of causes and effects.

For example;
Question " In what course of the river do you find waterfalls?" Think about it like this: Waterfalls have edges where water flows off of. There is a height difference between the beginning of a waterfall and the bottom of the water fall. This can't happen on flat land so therefore it must be on the upper course. Just take your time and think everything through step by step.
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Thank You!

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