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    Is it an organelle? Also, does it take up stain and can it be identified on a electron or light microscope

    The cytoplasm is not an organelle, it is the substance that surrounds the organelles within a cell.
    Also the cytoplasm can be seen from under both a light and a electron microscope.

    (I am unsure about the next point) but I think that the cytoplasm does not need a dye/stain to be seen but that it can bee stained and still seen under a microscope.

    Hope this helps and again I would double check the last one.
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    (Original post by Sycopation)
    Is it an organelle? Also, does it take up stain and can it be identified on a electron or light microscope
    Technically, an organelle is any membrane bounded structure, whether single or double membrane-bound, inside a cell, that performs a specific function for the cell. Cytoplasm, by this definition, is not an organelle. It can be best defined as a sustaining matrix composed of gel-like and soluble parts that provides a sort of a basic bed for the cytoskeleton to make up the cellular framework. Basically that amounts to it being the watery content--not only water, though--inside the cell that surrounds all the cellular organelles.

    The cytoplasm can be viewed under both types of microscope. When we stain a cell, the cytoplasm may take up, or may not take up the stain, depending on the proportions of the various molecules and organelles in it.

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