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at the economics talk on last years summer open day, the tutor sed something on the lines as "don't bother applying if you've got less than 5A*s." I doubt much has changed.

People who I know who have entered have also all been predicted 4As at Alevel. The course is extremely quantitative- you want to be strong on your maths also.
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Hahaha the world is a small place

I first met Nawaz at a UCL open day and then again at the LSE one. We've been mates this year.

Whilst his website looks a bit up himself he is a very down to earth guy who has a wide variety of interests and is very intelligent. I know his CV makes it look like he does a bit of everything but to give you an example when we signed up for societies he went for around 17 and had a good part to play in a large number. What can I say.. this guy must have a power plant to keep his energy going but the mostpart isnt bull

So basically to defend him yeh he's cool, though this thread has made me laugh a bit!

Small world... small world...
Poc ar buile
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(Original post by Invisible)
You clearly implied it was bad because you said he offended people and then you said something along the lines of "now he's saying I'm homosexual" - i.e) 'Another example of this offending by Gnostic'..., also that the accusation was "crap" and because he said it, it means he's "disturbing".
No.. I don't think we are on the same wavelength here...

Aristophanes used to offend people like Cleon and Euripides by references to what their mothers did. To be called, say, a sausage seller should not be offensive normally. If it is being said to make a point that you are an upstart or for some other offensive meaning, then it becomes the thought which counts. He meant to offend me with them comment. If I was gay, I'd still be offended as the malice aforethought was there, irrespective of whether or not the actual allegation was objectively offensive or otherwise.

The allegation is crap. It is utter nonsense, as he should have been aware (knowing, for example, that I am married and have a long-term girlfriend.

I never said he is disturbing, merely disturbed (past participle as opposed to present participle which greatly changes the meaning).

I hope this has cleared the issue up for you
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