ADHD drugs for chronic fatigue

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I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (classical) and one of the main symptoms for me is chronic fatigue. I get so tired I find it hard to concentrate a lot of the time. My short-term memory is appalling which I blame the tiredness for. If I have a "long day" (wake up early, go places etc.) it will take me like 2 days to recover properly, I will feel so drained and exhausted it's worrying. Waking up early is a challenge in itself.

I found a video on youtube of a girl talking about her E.D.S. and what medications she takes to help alleviate her symptoms and she mentioned she was taking Concerta for her chronic fatigue. She claimed it to be a "wonder drug" and said it helps her a great deal.

I'm going to make an appointment with my GP tomorrow in hope that he will prescribe me some.

I'm just sick of feeling tired >.> I want to go back to college full-time but I can't as I get so damn exhausted. I will literally try anything

I've looked it up and it does look promising:

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