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Innovating new treatments with minimum side effects
My name is Ahmed Habib, a student at Barnet and Southgate College, Wood Street campus.
I am currently undertaking some research into public thoughts on stem cell therapy for my Access to Higher Education diploma in science. The questionnaire will significantly contribute to my access to HE qualification.
Participants have the right to withdraw at any time however, I would be grateful to you if you would spare some few minutes answering the question below. All the details will be kept confidential and used for the purpose of the project only.

1. How would you describe your gender?
☐Male ☐female ☐transgender

2. What is your age group?
☐14 and below

3. Which describes your body mass index (BMI)?
☐Normal weight
☐Over weight

4. How often per week do you eat fast food?
Everyday☐ rarely☐ regularly☐ not at all☐

5. What do you consider as your daily exercise?
☐Lifting weight
☐Physically inactive
☐Other: specify ____________________________________________________

6. Do you smoke?
If yes, please tick the appropriate box that describes you.
☐Daily smoker
☐Regular smoker (once, twice or three times a week)
☐Thinking to quit smoking

7. Life style is one of the risk factors of heart attack.

8. Have you, relative or any friend experienced any symptoms below?
☐Chest pain
☐Pain in the arm and neck (mostly left arm)
☐Unusual fatigue
☐Irregular heartbeat
☐Loss of consciousness
☐Pale or yellowish skin
☐Persistence cough

9. Have you, relative or friend diagnosed with any diseases below?
☐Heart attack
☐Atherosclerosis (build-up of fatty substances inside the blood vesicle of the heart)
☐Cardiac arrest (heart stopping to pump blood, the patient become unconscious)
☐Heart valve disease (leaking valve)
☐Coronary heart disease

10. All the above disease are risk factors of heart attack

11. 99.9% of the current drugs used to treat heart attack results to unwelcomed side effects.

12. Are you aware that severe heart attack could permanently deteriorate the heart muscle?

13. Do you support stem cell research?
☐I don’t know

14. I know people who have been previously undergone stem cell therapy, stem cell transplant or any other treatment which involves the use of stem cells and have been successfully discharged from hospital.

15. Stem cell research could lead into the discovery treatments which would enable to combat serious diseases such as cancer, diabetic and Parkinson’s.
☐Strongly agree
☐Not sure

16. It is ethical to use stem cells invested from human being for biomedical discovery.
☐Strongly agree
☐Not sure

17. Stem cells can be injected into the heart to replace or repair the damaged myocardium tissue caused by severe heart attack.
☐Strongly agree
☐Not sure

18. Stem cell therapy has minimum or no side effects.
☐Strongly agree
☐Not sure

19. How well informed do you feel about stem cell therapy and the use of stem cells to save people’s life?
☐Very well
☐Poorly informed
☐Have no idea

20. Would you consider stem cell as one or an alternate way of treatment?

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