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ok so I am finding revising fine, but I have been on a gap year and not in any college or anything. I'm struggling how to answer questions correctly, is it a judgement, or 'casual' as my book likes to call it... heres the question or rather A question

The nuclear arms race did little to restrain the actions of the USA and the Soviet
Union in the Cold War in the years 1949–63.’ How far do you agree with this view

so are my paragraphs it did restrain, it didn't restrain, conclusion. Or It did restrain, other factors that mattered more or... ( I may post more questions so that I understand how to brake down what each one is asking me to do)
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Hi, yes your structure is it didn't restrain (e.g lack of restraint implied in the spiralling arms race + Cuban Missile Crisis) vs it did restrain (e.g MAD and Test Ban Treaty) and then an overall conclusion.

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