i need help with this problem question on consideration and promissoy Estoppel

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Jubilee Media is a television production company which has commissioned a short television series called “The Secret Lives of Academics” which will feature a Chemistry lecturer at a prominent university who has set up a secret drug production lab and a Law lecturer at a London university who secretly works as a spy for MI5. Jubilee Media has secured advertising contracts with many corporate sponsors who wish to advertise during the commercial breaks of the show. Filming is due to commence in 12 weeks, with the first programme being broadcast a week after filming has completed. Both academics wish to remain anonymous throughout the television programmes, and as such, Jubilee Media contracts with a construction company, Bobby Bodgit Ltd. (“BB”), to build a studio for filming which will have sufficient small recording rooms and voice over facilities to protect the anonymity of the lecturers. BB and Jubilee Media agree that the work will be completed in 12 weeks time. However, after 8 weeks of building, BB informs Jubilee Media that they will be unable to complete the studio in time because the price of labour has increased. BB states that it will take an additional 8 weeks to complete the construction of the studio and informs Jubilee Media that in order to meet the contractual deadline, they will need an additional £100,000. Jubilee Media reluctantly agrees to pay this money because of the importance of meeting the forthcoming filming and broadcast dates. BB agrees to change the method of payment so that they receive the money in smaller instalments after agreed targets have been met, rather than in one lump sum of £100,000.

Jubilee Media hires two voice over actors to hide the real voices of the lecturers along with a specialist voice over editing engineer to lead the production process. Jubilee Media agrees to pay each of the actors £1,500 for recording the programmes and £2,000 to the engineer. However, after paying an extra £100,000 to BB, Jubilee Media finds itself in financial difficulty. The company asks the actors and engineer if they will each agree to be paid £1,000 each instead for their work. Anxious to keep their jobs, the actors and engineer agree to the lesser fee.

You should answer BOTH parts below:

(a) Advise Jubilee Media whether it is obliged to pay the extra £100,000 to Bobby Bodgit Ltd.
(B) Advise each of the actors whether they can claim the extra £500 initially promised to each of them and advise the voice over engineer whether he can claim the extra £1000 initially promised to him
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