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Does vaseline really make eyelashes grow?

I've heard from many people that putting vaseline on eyelashes before going to sleep strenghthens and grow lashes. Has anyone tried it?
I tried it last night and whenever i try to GENTLY pull an eyelash it falls off. Is that meant to happen to replace a new healthy lash? :dontknow:
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It nourishes lashes and is good for removing waterproof eye make-up but no it doesn't make lashes grow. Keratin helps though :smile:

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Yer, it's not going to make them grow... It also feels quite strange on don't you think? Quite disconcerting... I wouldn't worry - it won't make them fall out, but it also won't make them grow I'm afraid. The only thing you can do is eat a healthy diet with loads of vitamins and minerals as these will help your body to produce keratin - keeping your skin, eyelashes, nails etc. healthy. Hope that helps! If you want more information on skincare/beauty issues check out my blog: Xxx
I don't think it would make them grow. But apply it anyway if it's safe, since it's a great product and chances are healthy eyelashes (because of vaseline) will translate into thicker, faster growing ones? I'm not sure, but you can't go wrong if you DO use vaseline on them!
Vaseline doesn't work, that's a myth. If you want your lashes to grow then maybe try one of those eyelash serums, Rapidlash and Rejuvelash are some brands I know. I've heard positive reviews about them but they are costly, so I'd say only invest in them if your eyelashes are appalling. Quite a few mascaras can lengthen and thicken lashes.

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Vaseline has been heard to promote hair growth be it eyelashes or eyebrows but some people have experience blocked hair follicles in the eye which has caused eye infections, so i wouldn't recommend it!

I have been using regular olive oil on my eyebrows and seen a great change in their growth! But there are also other oil that are known to be good for hair growth such as; castor oil, aloe Vera, pure coconut oil and almond oil as it is gentler and shouldn't clog up the hair follicles! These natural oils are better if you want something a little less pricey than serums:smile: hope this helps x
o_O I have never heard that
There's YouTube tutorials to make your own lash length serums. I quite like the idea of Vit E added to a serum and an oil then simply using a clean mascara brush. As with Vaseline, I'm not quite sure I didn't see a change tbh...I did see a change when using "ithmid". Its a mineral, not sure what its called in English but its sold a lot in the Arab world...

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I have never tried doing this but if you want to try something else, you can try coconut oil instead.
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TBH I never tried it

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