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Hello Jo

I need you help:

Thank you.
Jo from AVA
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I have read your original post and the comments afterwards. It sounds exhausting and a really difficult situation for you to be in. From what you have said, you have been really clear with him. It is not ok for him to not take no for an answer and to be constantly pressuring you to do things.

I was a bit concerned to read that you plan to move in with him? I think this is not a great plan as it could be very hard to live with him if he is being like that still, and it would be really hard to get out of that situation.
What do your other friends think? Are they aware how persistent he is?

I think you need to set some really clear boundaries - although it sounds like you have been trying this already. Usually in these kind of situations it would be necessary to put some distance between you, I understand that is hard when you are studying together, but at least you can choose not to live with him - I would hate for you to be stuck in a distressing situation and find that things get worse.

I would tell people what has been going on, try not to be on your own with him, have some clear boundaries in place and definitely don't live with him.

I am not sure how much this helps but I really hope things improve. Come back any time if you want to talk this through more,
take care

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